Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Trudeaus Nannies

I get it that the media hysteria going around about PM Trudeau hiring nannies on the taxpayer tab is among other things about bad optics. It seems like a dumb move  complete with hypocrisy.

But really, is this the issue that should possess Canadians?

Looking just a wee bit past your own nose at today's headline scan and we see:
- Ontarians paid $37 Billion above market price for electricity.
- Children living in house loaded with 10-thousand needles .
-  City of 5 million in India faces worst downpour of rain in a century .
-  or even  Study: Facebook use damages your well being.

Not to even mention much the ongoing scourges of poverty, homelessness, hunger , refugees fleeing war  and so on that dominate the headlines most days.

The Trudeau nanny thing is a little thing---a teenie tiny troublesome itch. But that itch is going to be scratched until it blows up into a real rash. I can already see how the first question period might play out when the house of commons resumes sitting. Oh boy is that itch going to be scratched!

It will be less than marvelous  how this will play out--right along party lines. The Conservatives will argue taxpayers funds should not be spent on the PM's nannies. The NDP will cry that at a maximum pay of $15 dollars an hour the nannies are being exploited by not being paid enough, The Greens could suggest it may all be worth it if the nannies also do the recycling and turn down the heat in the house at night. The circus is back in town !

And all the while other people will go hungry, veterans will wrestle with their demons, seniors will scrimp their spending, and the environment will continue to go to hell.

The nanny story should be no more than a distraction to the real political work of the country. But it's a story found to have legs by journalists engaged in the most time honoured tradition of chasing a story - following it to the last possible paragraph and sound bite.

That's why it is important for Trudeau to do the prudent thing and put an end to this. Pay up buddy !

Let's get on to doing the important work of the nation. And, lets get on to telling more important stories that really matter.

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