Sunday, 23 October 2016

Trump and the world after November 8th

Well, it's been a wild ride !
Time to dust off the crystal ball, if I can manage to wash all the crap from it.
Now I warn you reception on the crystal ball is spotty right now, not all of the stuff predicted to come may work out.
Here are a few predictions about Donald Trump during and after the election.

1. Trump will lose. Not just the White House, but the Senate, and quite possibly the house ( though that one may be close).

2. He WILL conceed defeat, but not gracefully. It will all have been "rigged". He will say there is still lots of things that are "Wrong" ( his favourite word) with the country that need to be fixed, and only he can fix them, he has much work to do, and needs your help.

3. There will be cases of civil unrest, including some shootings. These will only serve to advance his agenda, and he will fan the flames.

4. There will be creation of "Trump TV ", but it will be done on the cheap. The chump really does not have much money of his own. It is likely to be an internet effort. He does not have enough money for the infrastucture for a real station, and it's doubtful cable companies would give him carraige.
Sarah Palin will be a guest personality.
The show will rely upon donors ( see "the chump" as noted above).
It will all be bankrupt within 18 months, and generate a hell of a tax credit, but not for the donors---for Donald!

5. Trump will not sue the women who accuse him of sexual assault. Suing would force him to testify in court under oath with the risk of perjury, etc.
Suing would also open up the avenue to counter suits which if he lost-- the cases would have him paying THEM, not going to happen

6. The Republican party will sever all ties to Trump ( about a year too late).

7. Trump will form his own political party, funded entirely by donors, donors fleeced through Trump TV. This party will contest the mid term elections, and have some wins.

8. A cultural  and societal divison will grow in America. Elites versus the uneducated. The South versus the rest. Redneck whites against people of colour. Warped men versus women in positions of power. Trump will constantly enable divisions.

9. The Republican party will become largely unoticed, wandering in the dessert, finding themselves.

10. Hillary Clinton will not seek re-election. Donald Trump will not run again. By the end of the election cycle in 2020 the country will have found some normalcy and balance, reflecting what the country generally is.

11. A Latina will be elected President.

12. Donald Trump will be offered a " summer house", in Russia.

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